• Cikar,Bemo and complete cars together! Well, you could just feel the three means of transportation that is if you ride Cidomo combined.
    Please try to ride around Senggigi  … … … … … … ….!
    Cidomo or sometimes called becaQ transportation horsepower is typical of the island of Lombok
    If you looked, looks like a wagon transportation commonly found in Java.
    Sections taken from the wheel cidomo used car tires and Then with name or called the Dokar because it uses horse power.
    Until now, transportation is still the primary means of transportation, especially in areas that are not reachable by public transport.
    And what about the designation cikar? Cikar is a conveyance or a conveyance of passengers without a roof and a horse. So, it’s fitting that it stands cidomo  cikar, buggy, car. You see, all three were used all the means of transportation.
    Roving Senggigi Beach with cidomo
    Apart from being the primary means of transportation, cidomo also used to take tourists around the city or Senggigi Beach, lovely to ride !
    To get around with cidomo, tourists can rent at a price of IDR  20.000 thousand to IDR 100.000 thousand.
    With 20.000 thousand, tourists can walk around Senggigi each way. However, if you want to get to the city of Mataram or Apenan Market, the rental price reached 150.000 thousand.
    Although cidomo powered horses, the coachman always maintain the cleanliness along the way, even the driver that was willing to go back to clean up horse droppings that fall into this exemplary street  such as Lombok is one tourist destination.
    If the city would net more and more tourists who will visit and maybe come back again








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