rental car lombok Tanjung A'n Beach the Home of Princess Mandalika

Posted on 2016-11-15 23:30:19

Tanjung A'an Beach is one famous Destination in Lombok. This isolated bay offers you beautiful Beach with unique white pepper like sand and clean water. Apart of the beautiful nature, Tanjung A'an has strong cultural value as the Home of Princess Mandalika.


Princess Mandalika is an old tale in Tanjung A'an. The tale is telling the story of Princess Mandalika, who had an exceptional beauty, which made many princes want to take her as wife. Hence, the prices were fighting each other and causing turmoil in the kingdom. In order to stop the conflict, the beautiful Princess Mandalika decided to jump to the south sea. Princess Mandalika was then incarnated to be colorful sea worm called “Bau nyale”.


People of Tanjung A'an then holding an annual ritual called Bau Nyale as a tribute to the sacrifice of Princess Mandalika. Bau Nyale festival is held around February every Year, when sea worm is blooming in the shore. In this festival, people are going to the Beach and collect sea worm.The festival is also involving a Traditional war between local men to depict the princes who fight for Princess Mandalika.


If you visit Tanjung A'an in different time, you should not low-spirited. Although you could not enjoy the annual festival, you still able to enjoy abundance sensational things this bay offered. In Tanjung A'an Beach, you can see many things and do many things.


Located in the south coast, the Beach is facing Indian Ocean with incredible waves perfect for surfing. Some areas have smooth wave perfect for swimming and snorkeling. In the surrounding, hills and cliffs stand strongly to make the views wonderful. If you have enough strength and adventurous spirit, you can hike to the peak of the hill and enjoy sceneries that are more beautiful below you.


If you decide to have a relax Holiday, Tanjung A'an is perfect. The Beach is considered peaceful with a lot of quiet spots to seclude yourself. You can walk along the shore while enjoy the breeze or sunbathing with a glass of coconut drink or drink it right from the coconut with straw.


Although isolated, Tanjung A'an is developing. Numerous public facilities are available in the area, including Restaurants, Café’s, parking lot, mosque, ATM,Toilets,Bicycle,Car Rentals and Motorcycle Rentals. Quality Hotels and Resorts are also in the vicinity. Thus, you can enjoy your Holiday with comfort.


Tanjung A'an Beach is located in the South Lombok about 75 km from Mataram that would take about 1.5 hours drive using private car. Renting a Car and Motorcycle is recommended if you want to visit Tanjung A'an from Mataram because direct public Transportation is not available. Commonly, Tourists visit Tanjung Ann as one bundle with Kuta Beach that only 3 km away. Best time for visit Tanjung A'an is early in the morning when the air is still fresh and the sun is warm. If you visit Tanjung A'an early in the morning, you will get the opportunity to visit the nearby Beaches such as Seger Beach and Selong Belanak Beach.