Things You Can Do in Senggigi

Posted on 2016-05-25 21:41:35

In Lombok,West Nusa Tenggara(NTB), Indonesia, Senggigi is the main Tourist center and it is also the most developed Tourist area. The famous Resort is located about 10-15 km in the north side of Ampenan. You can reach the Resort within just 60 minutes from Lombok International Airport(Praya)

Senggigi is large bay that forms the center of Senggigi, the main road in the Resort parallel to the Beach area and large Resorts using the space between. Senggigi Beach offers magnificent views. In the west side, you will see Agung Mountain in Bali. At the afternoon, there are many Tourists who wait for the sunset and take some pictures with the silhouette of the mountain and the horizon as the background.

Killa Senggigi Beach is the oldest and the renowned Resort area of Lombok and this is the most popular Tourist Destination in Lombok. Near the Beach, there are Restaurants and bars where you can easily find both International and local cuisine. There are also souvenir shops where Tourists can easily buy handicrafts, clothes, paintings and many interesting items.

The underwater life in Senggigi Killa Beach is protected by natural reef. Here in the Beach, you can spoil yourself with various Beach activities, such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling and playing water games. Just like in Bali, night in Senggigi is also exciting. For you who love and always look for night life, this large resort provides you various attractions. Many restaurants bring delicious menus, ranging from western, Asian and of course local traditional menus. There are bars, night clubs and cafes(happy Cafe) that you can visit to spend the night with life music or dance.

Senggigi main road is lined with Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, small souvenir shops, night clubs and Travel agencies. There are also supermarkets, ATM booths, post office, money changers and Tourist facilities. It can be said that Senggigi in Lombok is really a place that was specially designed for Tourists because there are also various Hotels and Resorts standing.


What to Do and See in Senggigi Lombok

As Beach area, Senggigi in Lombok offers various interesting activities that can be chosen by Tourists, day and night. This is the list of activities that can be found in Senggigi:

-       Canoeing on the Beach

-       Swimming off the Beach

-       Surfing

-       Surf board Rentals

-       Shopping souvenirs

-       Wind Surfing

-       Take a walk to Batu Bolong temple

-       Snorkeling

-       Watching and enjoying sunset

-       Water sports, such as paragliding, jet ski and banana boat

-       Sea kayaking

-       Learn how to surf

It is easy to reach Senggigi Beach Resort. If you are coming from Lembar harbor, you just have to go straight using taxi or shuttle with local bus, which are available on call for 24 Hours. If you are coming with plane in Lombok International Airport, you can use taxi services,public bus(shuttle bus) or travel agent shuttle to go to the Resort. You do not have to worry about the facilities and accommodations available in the Resort because Senggigi has everything you need for your vacation.