The Handicraft Center in Lombok

Posted on 2016-10-04 01:37:27


Lombok is one of the favorite islands in Indonesia. Come to Lombok and we will never feel bored. One of the main attractions in Lombok is the beach. The natural scenery will make us feel so peaceful. That is why Lombok Island is always full of tourist. When come to Lombok means that we have to be ready to explore every place in it. For the better experience then we can rent a motorcycle that will deliver us to every hidden place here. Lombok is a paradise for nature lovers. Just relax in Lombok before you come back to your real busy life.


In Lombok, you can also find so many handicrafts. Most of them can you find in the handicraft center. Lombok has so many popular handicrafts that can be the souvenir to your family. Some of the popular handicrafts like tenun gedongan, cukli, wood sculpture, pottery, songket and pearl. Most of them produced from the nature resources in Lombok. When you shop for the Lombok traditional handicraft then you help for the local people to preserve the native culture to the world. You will give them lasting life from buying the product.


To make you easier while shopping in Lombok then we will give you some list about the handicraft center that you can visit:


  • Sekarbela

If you love to wear some jewelry made from real pearl then you can buy it here. The place is only 4 km from Mataram city. You can get much beautiful jewelry here like ring, necklace and bracelet made from beautiful pearl. You can pay for your purchase by using cash money or credit card.


  • Sukarara

If you want to buy a traditional songket then this is the best place. Made from local people using traditional method will give you the best fabrics that you can use to many event. The beauty of songket Lombok is famous and you can find young girl make it here. Traveling to Sukarara will give you many new experiences that you will never get in other place.


  • Cakranegara Market

This is the famous traditional market in Lombok that offers you so many things. You can find bag, accessories, candied seaweed, T-shirt and other unique things from Lombok. In this handicraft center you do not need to worry because you will find cheap price for that things here.


  • Beleka 

Beleka is the rattan shopping center that will give you so many choices to shop. You can find vas, basket, bag, photo frame and other things made from real rattan as the good handicraft.


Lombok is the great place to visit. Here, you can shop, traveling or enjoy the fresh air from the nature scenery that still well preserved. Lombok is the best place for you to stay closer with nature. The warm local people will make you feel comfort during your stay in this island. You can still visit many handicraft centers in Lombok like Sade village, Sayang-sayang traditional art market and buy anything you want with good price.