Additional Apron of LIA as an Improvement of Lombok Tourism Facilities

Posted on 2016-11-08 01:03:14

Currently, Lombok becomes one of the Tourist Destinations are quite reliable Indonesia in the eyes of the International community. With a variety of Tourist Destinations are available in this area, Lombok is well worth it to be one of the most popular Destinations in recent times so that was no surprise when the local government together with the community to do a number of innovations and improvements in various aspects to provide comfort and security for every tourist who comes to Lombok. Some of increasing facilities range from a variety of accommodation facilities ranging down to the top class, the development of infrastructure capable of providing comfort for every visitor, various facilities and health services around the tourist areas, and others. This effort is very necessary to be done in order to give a special attraction for the Tourists to come and enjoy a holiday in Lombok with a more comfortable and secure.


An improvement of Lombok Tourism facilities late enough attention is the development of Lombok International Airport which provides easier access for Tourists especially those who came from abroad to visit and get to know a variety of Destinations and attractions in Lombok and its surroundings. This facility is urgently needed in order to provide greater access for Tourists both local and International. International airport built in Lombok can be a wide-open gateway for Tourists who want to visit Lombok. Of course the appreciation carried out against the growing popularity of Lombok in the eyes of the world not only from the aspect of the construction of airport facilities alone, but in the near future the international airport will get additional apron or aircraft parking area in anticipation of the increased number of flights at the airport.


With the addition of the aircraft parking area at the international airport Lombok, it also could open some new routes to operate in the region so that it can also increase the number of tourist visits to Lombok. Of course, the existence of an improvement of Lombok tourism facilities should also be balanced with the support of the government and the public on the progress that is included to perform a number of tourism promotions in various ways both to attract local and foreign tourists. In addition, increased security also needs to be done so that the tourists can feel safe to come and spend time in Lombok for vacation.


Lombok is rich in tourist attraction especially nature tourism and cultural tourism were able to make many visitors fascinated. However, when not all the beauty and charm offered are getting the attention in depth must also be something futile. Therefore, efforts should be made so that the existing attractions in Lombok could be increasingly recognized by both local and international travelers. It also should get support from the government and the public good by providing an increase in the facility, creating a sense of security and comfort, and others so that the tourists can feel comfortable when in the area.


If in some time earlier news that reveals the events that led to conflict and division in Indonesia, including the event of terrorist bombings that made many countries lose confidence in Indonesia, it must also be addressed with positive action and build. When the various parties to develop and provide a variety of improvement of Lombok tourism facilities, to build back trust from many parties must also need to do so tourists especially coming from abroad could be interested in coming back to Indonesia, especially Lombok that is rich in more potential tourist destinations than Bali.