Secure Riding Tips from Motor Theft

Posted on 2016-11-15 23:29:00

Motorcycle is very common Transportation vehicle in Lombok and Indonesia in general. In numerous Tourism destinations, Rental Motorcycle is very common. Motor cycle is affordable so you can save a lot if you Rent Motorcycle instead of Car. Motorcycle is small so you can go through small roads to cut time and reach hidden places. However, rental scamand motor theft are now hot issues in Indonesia. In order to prevent trouble, you can follow the secure riding tips below to keep you safe from motor scam and theft.


In order to avoid rental scam, you should carefully choose the place to rent motorcycle. Motorcycle rentals are now very common to be found in front of hotel or other lodgings. Yet, do not choose rental just because it is close to your hotel. Make sure that the rental is trustworthy. You can look in the internet for their reputation.


At first, you may ask your Hotel whether they offer motorcycle rental or visit , To rent Motorcycle at the place where you stay is commonly safer than if you rent it outside. Then, ask about insurance from motor theft. Rental with insurance will give you secure riding. The rental cost would be higher with insurance but it is safer and somehow cheaper than being fooled by scammer.For instance, you need to pay double for rental with insurance but scammer may cause you to pay four times or even more.


When you rent a motorcycle, always check the Motorbike thoroughly for any previous damages and take pictures if you find damage as a proof that the damage is already there before you use it. Check the break, tire, and lock condition. Always try the motorbike first before you sign the agreement. Make sure the rental give you motorcycle certificate of registration (STNK).


Motor theft could be anywhere. Always be careful when you ride the motorcycle and when you need to park it. It would be better to stay away from very quiet road especially in the night. Although busy road is uncomfortable, it is somehow more secure. If you plan to ride through quiet road or in the remote area, do not ride alone but in a group. Bigger group is more secure.


When you need to park your motorcycle, choose secure and observed parking lot. Always lock your motorbike as well as your helmet (sometime, the theft are targeting helmet). If somehow you need to stop where secure parking is not available, make sure you park it in the place where you can see it clearly. Always pay attention to your motorcycle. If possible, do not leave your motorcycle.


If you ride with someone else and you need to stop to buy something or maybe you need to go to toilet, let your friend watches the motorcycle while you doing your business. If you both need to go, do not go together but shift it so one person will watch the motorcycle while the other go. It maybe a bit uncomfortable and take times but secure riding is much better than losing the Motorbike to the theft.