Enjoying Year-End Holidays to Gili Nanggu and Gili Kedis Lombok

Posted on 2017-02-05 00:57:14

It seems, almost everyone likes a vacation to the Beach because in addition, you can soothe and refresh the mind of saturation of everyday activities, and you can enjoy a sense of freedom that will certainly give new vigor after the Holidays. Moment end of the Year as it is likely to become the most anticipated moment to enjoy the Holiday even if only for a short time before eventually go back through the activities and routines as normal. If you do not currently have plans to fill the Year-end Holidays, you seem appropriate to try to enjoy the Holidays to Gili Nanggu Island and Gili Kedis Island in Lombok.


Currently, Lombok is currently gaining popularity is quite high among both local and International Travelers. The Island offers a variety of natural beauty that is perfect and exotic. One of the natural beauty that seemed very dear to miss when in Lombok is the beauty of the sea is blue and clear, beautiful Beaches and white sand, as well as the amazing underwater world. If during this time you have heard about Gili Trawangan that indeed was already popular, Lombok has many Gili with beauty and exoticism. In this case, you should visit Nanggu Island and Gili Kedis to fill Holiday time at the end of this Year.


Nanggu and Gili Gili Kedis is a small Island located in the southwest Lombok. In this area, there are actually two smaller Islands are also near Gili Sundak and Gili Tangkong. The small Island is located in the village of Batu Kijuk included in Sekotong Barat district and is approximately 25 km from the city of Mataram. So far, to get to the Village area of ​​Batu Kijuk no special public Transport route to the village so that you can use Taxi, Rental Cars, or private vehicles from Mataram city takes about 1 hour. Furthermore, to reach the small island of Gili Gili Kedis Nanggu and you can cross by boat rented by anglers for IDR 300k-400K a day.


When the boat began to approach Gili Kedis, you will see the scenery is so amazing with the clear blue sea and refreshing and so amazing white sand on the seashore. Gili Kedis is a very small Island so you will not need a long time to get around the Island. You can walk around the island is only about five minutes. Another beauty that you can enjoy in the small island is the beauty of the underwater world. You can see many coral varied around the small island. In addition, you can also see many fish swimming freely around the reefs. Year-end Holidays in this small Island seemed to be the perfect choice because you can get peace and quiet could be the right moment for self-introspection to welcome the New Year.


Furthermore, you can visit Gili Nanggu very sensible when you get the nickname as a natural aquarium. In general, the beauty of the Beaches on the Island is not too different from those in Gili Trawangan or Gili Kedis. However, when you explore the beauty beneath the sea, you will see an amazing sight. You can play and feed the fish directly. Meet and play with the fish in the wild certainly give the sensation and the unique experience. Even, to find fish are also not difficult because only a distance of about five meters from shore and diving is less than two meters, you will be faced with the underworld the very exotic and fascinating Sea. Exotic nature is so beautiful it certainly will make your year-end holidays are becoming increasingly impressive and memorable.